Woodland, CA is the epicenter of all things tomato. Over a $100 million cash crop with over 42,000 acres of pure tomato production, Yolo County is both producer and processor. From July to October, large tomato processing plants slice, dice, crush, and cook this multi-purpose product stocking the shelves of supermarkets and restaurants around the country.

The climate and soils that make this an ideal region for commercial production apply as well to the home garden, and tomatoes continue to be the most popular plant in the garden. Every summer gardeners look forward to those first tasty vine ripened tomatoes.

The Woodland Tomato Festival has had many incarnations over the years, and this one is proving to be a dynamic addition to the California Food Festival listing. Supported by steering committee members drawn from The Woodland Farmer’s Market, the Yolo County Master Gardeners, The City of Woodland, and many local volunteers this festival is a celebrated addition to the world of Yolo County tomatoes.

Currently held on Main Street in Downtown Historic Woodland , this festival is known for its unique programming not found anywhere else. From Face Painting, to Heirloom Tomato Tasting …..from tomato Salsa Competition with free samples open to the public, to our beloved Tommy Tomato mascot- this is the premiere Tomato Festival of Yolo County. We hope you’ll join us year after year as we celebrate tomatoes together and don’t forget- Happiness is a Yolo County Tomato!