Judges of 2016 Chef Competition

Jim Smith, Editor-in-Chief Daily Democrat

Jim Smith, 55, has been editor of The Daily Democrat newspaper in Woodland since 1994. He has received many awards for news writing, column writing, photography, newspage design and public service. He is the published author of “Dead Cat Alley,” a murder-mystery set in the year 2025, under the pen name of James Chatfield. In his spare time, of which he has little, Smith enjoys doing yardwork, exercise, and reading. He has served as a Tomato Festival judge for three years.

Bradley Ross, Restaurant Operator, Owner, and Chef

A 20+ year restaurant veteran as Operator, Owner, and Chef in California believes in sourcing local ingredients. Local produce, meats, and cheeses have played a major role in his menu development throughout the years. Constantly changing menus, and designing special menus around a single ingredient has become a passion for Bradley. Now he works with the Morning Star Company, the world’s largest tomato processor, connecting chefs and operators with fresh-pack tomatoes grown in Central California, the world’s most prolific tomato growing region.

Tom Stallard, City Council member

Tom Stallard is a native Californian. He holds degrees in economics and law from UC Davis. In addition to operating two businesses, Legislative Intent Service which researches the background of statutory and regulatory law, and Rose Colored Glass Company which rehabilitates historic commercial property, Tom has a rich history of public service. He is a former 8 year Yolo County Supervisor and currently in his fifth year on the Woodland City Council.

Aide Silva, Woodland Farmers Market


Patrick Mulvaney, from Mulvaney’s B&L